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The Aurora EAP is pleased to offer to Wisconsin school districts…

The Aurora Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP)

If you are currently an SFAP member, please login to our website using your school district’s username to access our free online resources.

Sponsored by the Aurora EAP, the Student and Family Assistance Program consists of a team of professionals who provide confidential counseling, consultation, intervention and referral services to students and families in need.

SFAP Benefits

We believe that a healthy home and family life helps to nurture academic excellence. Through years of partnerships with over 25 school districts and educational institutions throughout Wisconsin, the Aurora EAP recognizes the need among district administrators and student services personnel for additional resources to help students and families. These resources can assist with larger issues that may ultimately impede on academic performance. Consider the following statistics:

  • Approximately 1 in 5 adults suffers from a mental health disorder in a given year.
  • Children from families with substance abuse problems are more at risk than their peer for alcohol and drug use, delinquency and depression, as well as poor school performance.
  • Youth with depression/anxiety are more likely to engage in risk behaviors, including alcohol and drug use, sexual activity, fighting and theft.
  • Over a third (35%) of youth with depression or anxiety will not earn a high school diploma

As with adults, there are numerous factors that may contribute to youth and adolescent anxiety and depression, including:

  • Separation/divorce of parents
  • Death of a loved one
  • Relocation to a new town or city
  • Academic, athletic and social pressure
  • Household conflict
  • Parental stress and anxiety


SFAP Services

Free and confidential counseling

Help begins when a family member or legally responsible adult calls the SFAP. All services are confidential. No information will be shared with school personnel or the district without your permission.

Up to six goal-focused sessions are provided to help family members work through problems, including:

  • Use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety or stress
  • Peer and other relationship struggles
  • Grief
  • Family crises
  • Personal, family or environmental factors that impact academic performance and personal well being.


SFAP Services

Financial consultation

Financial stress is one of the most frequently reported issues affecting families today. The SFAP provides up to 30 minutes of free telephone consultation with financial professionals who can offer sound, objective advice on a range of financial concerns, including:

  • Budget assistance
  • College funding
  • Credit and debt issues
  • Life insurance needs, and others
  • Retirement planning


SFAP Services

Legal consultation

The SFAP provides up to 30 minutes of free telephone or face-to-face consultation with a participating attorney on a range of legal concerns, including:

  • Consumer issues
  • Financial issues
  • Personal and family legal issues
  • Property or real estate matters


SFAP Services

Adoption information services

For those considering adoption, Work-Life specialists are available to share information on:

  • Adoption choices
  • Adoption community resources and support groups
  • Anticipated costs
  • Referrals to adoption agencies and attorneys


SFAP Services

Mediation Services

Many consumers find they can save time and money by choosing mediation as a first step in resolving legal issues.

The Aurora SFAP provides up to 30 minutes of free telephone or face-to-face consultation with a network mediator on topics such as:

  • Car accidents/insurance disputes
  • Contractual and consumer disputes
  • Divorce and child custody
  • Real estate
  • Landlord/tenant matters

Mediation specialists are trained to address the emotional causes as well as the legal aspects of disputes


SFAP Services

Child care resources and referral

  • Our childcare specialists can help families handle a variety of childcare responsibilities.
  • When a family member calls, a trained specialist will help them assess needs, explore available options and recommend effective solutions, whether it's information only or a childcare search.
  • Information folders are available on parenting topics such as:
    • College planning
    • Back-to-school
    • First-time parents
    • Summer care


SFAP Services

Elder care resources and referral

  • Our knowledgeable elder care specialists will guide families through the vast array of elder care resources and help them find those that are right for their situation, based on qualifications, location and costs.
  • We can also provide information on a variety of topics related to the needs of aging family members and those who care for them.


District Collaboration

It is the goal of the Student and Family Assistance Program to act as a resource that will help the district staff assist students and families beyond the scope of the school setting.

To ensure a cohesive partnership between the Student and Family Assistance Program and the school district, the program’s staff will meet on a regular basis with key district personnel, including:

  • District social workers
  • Student services personnel
  • Guidance counselors
  • School psychologists
  • Key faculty and district leadership

Clear communication between program counselors and district staff is crucial to ensure that both organizations have a clear understanding of how sensitive student and family issues should be addressed.