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Testimonials From Our Clients

Video Testimonials from Aurora EAP Client Companies

Watch the video below to learn how Aurora Employee Assistance Program helps its client companies.

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Employee testimonials

[My counselor] was excellent! Very understanding, intuitive and she offered a fresh point of view. I appreciated her insight and suggestions for improvement.

- Marquette University employee

When I came for my 1st visit I was very upset about coming here and all the stuff that was going on at work. After my 1st visit I was very relaxed. When I came the 2nd time I was happy at work and sleeping at night. The suggestions [my counselor] gave to me and the papers were so much help. Thanks.

- St. Camillus employee

I appreciated being able to see the counselor within and hour of my call. Very satisfied with the quick appointment time and the quality if our session.

- Sheboygan Area School District employee

I personally had the best service anybody could ask for. Keep up the excellent job!

- ThyssenKrupp Safway, Inc. employee

Very Helpful! Service was easily accessible - very professional, supportive, informative.

- Milwaukee Public Schools employee

Employer testimonials

I have utilized /referred the EAP for /to my associates in WI and in LV and have received nothing but positive feedback on their service.

- Marcus Corporation

Max is an excellent Account Executive. He makes himself available to us anytime we need him. Our employees enjoy speaking with him and asking questions. He is the best!

- Potawatomi Bingo Casino

We are very pleased with our EAP services. Nancy is an excellent account representative; shes always very responsive and helpful.

- Westside Healthcare Corporation, Inc.

We appreciate your continued ongoing support. You are a tremendous partner. Thank you!

- Goodwill Industries

I think you do an excellent job Mike. The EAP offers many wonderful services to our employees.

- Aurora Health Care

Peter was and continues to be very professional and a great asset. It is employees like Peter whove created a great relationship with us.

- Poly Vinyl