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Tobacco Cessation Module

Ready to give up tobacco for good?

With health care costs rising, many people are making lifestyle changes that promote wellness and health maintenance. One of the single greatest steps that a person can take in reducing the overall health risk is to give up tobacco. Employers are now starting to understand the importance of tobacco cessation as well. According to CDC estimates, Wisconsin employers save $1,623 in health care costs for each smoker that quits. It is no wonder that more and more workplaces are becoming smoke free!

Giving up tobacco for good can be one of the most difficult challenges that anybody will face. It is more than just a bad habit, it is an addiction. Most tobacco users will make 2 or 3 attempts before being able to give up tobacco permanently. Therefore, quitting "cold turkey" is not always a viable option. Support and resources can be helpful when trying to kick the habit completely. And now, for the first time ever, the Aurora EAP can offer assistance to those who are trying to quit!

Our newest Behavioral Change Coaching Module offers free, personalized assistance for those who wish to give up tobacco for good.