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About Aurora's Employee Assistance Program

Committed to continuously finding better ways to serve you

Organization Quality/Service Indicators
Length of time in business Since 1983
Business retention rate More than 90%
EAP contracted organizations More than 300
Covered lives served More than 330,000
Overall client satisfaction 99% of clients recommend the Aurora EAP to family/friends (84% "very good" rating/15% "good" rating)
Average staff retention rate More than 90%
Work environment
  • For the third straight year, Aurora named a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Workplace (5/13)
  • Aurora Health Care awarded Gold Well Workplace Award by Wellness Council of America
  • Four Aurora hospitals named top performers in Premier's QUEST collaborative (3/13)
  • The Joint Commission named seven Aurora hospitals as Top Performers on Key Quality Measures (9/12)
Performance and quality improvement Adheres to Council on Accreditation (COA) Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI) standards
Availability Live person, 24/7
Average time to answer Surpasses National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standard of 30 seconds
Counselor Services
Credentialing and training 100% of counselors are licensed in behavioral health and/or are certified employee assistance professionals (CEAP)
Continuing education Counselors receive 16 hours of continuing education per year
Accessibility Standard reflects the provision of clinic access within 20 miles/30 minutes of client's company or home
Employee consultations Employee choice – 60% in person, 40% phone
Client satisfaction Clients rate their counselor service "very good" (81%) or "good" (17%)
Average years of clinical experience More than 15 years
National Network
EAP provider network More than 400 EAP providers in Wisconsin (over 100 clinics); more than 1,500 EAP providers nationwide and in Canada (over 600 clinics)
Credential verification Counselors are licensed in behavioral health and have at least two years experience in EAP
Accessibility EAP providers are contracted to meet geographic needs as new business is attained; two business-days standard exists to locate and contract with new EAP providers
Employer Services
New case utilization 5.0% in 2012
Supervisory referrals Approximately 75% of all supervisory referrals result in employee job retention
Training On a scale of 1 to 4, participants rate presenters' knowledge/understanding of training topics 3.8 out of 4
Work-life services Approximately 15 hours of time saved "per case" when using childcare and 30 hours saved for elder care services
Financial/Legal/Mediation More than 86% of those accessing services rate their experience as "excellent"
Utilization reports/Annual summaries Documents program use, outcomes and employer savings
Average years of experience More than 20 years
Behavorial Health Management
Management Credentialing and training All case managers are licensed independent behavioral health professionals or registered nurses
Average years of experience More than 20 years
Average time to answer provider/client calls Surpasses NCQA standard of 30 seconds

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