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The Basic EAP Assessment is the primary service Affiliates provide to clients. The majority of clients have contacted Aurora EAP on a voluntary basis for assistance with a variety of problems. The Intake Department will identify the client as a Basic EAP Assessment when calling the Affiliate. Affiliates will also be faxed the Intake Information page, which will have A & R listed under "Contract Type."

The Focus of the Basic EAP Assessment is to determine whether the client's problems can be resolved with an assessment, or will require additional help through a referral. The assessment usually consists of one session of approximately 1 hour in length, during which the Affiliate listens to the client's concerns and may offer a variety of suggestions, such as a referral to a support group, community resources or counseling. Sometimes the Affiliate's professional expertise in the assessment may be all that is needed to assist the client.

The Assessment may also include referring a client back to Aurora EAP for one of the Aurora EAP's specialized Work-life Service. If the referral is to a mental health or alcohol/ drug counselor, the Affiliate will refer to a provider covered by the client's health benefits whenever possible.