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DOT assessments

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) monitors safety-sensitive transportation employees and requires mandatory evaluation of employees who are suspected of substance abuse or violate a substance abuse policy. Many of Aurora EAP's employers have employees who are covered under these regulations. Often an employee will fail a drug screen and be referred to the Aurora EAP as both a mandatory Supervisory EAP Assessment and a DOT Assessment (subject to DOT regulations).

The Intake Department will identify the employees as a DOT Assessment when calling the Affiliate. Affiliates will also be faxed the Intake Information page, along with two additional pages which contain details about the employee:

  1. The Supervisory EAP Assessment Information page
  2. The Release of Information for Supervisory EAP Assessments

Affiliates who complete a DOT Assessment must comply with DOT regulations and SAP requirements as detailed in DOT Regulation 49 C.F.R., Part 40.

DOT reporting must be done on the Affiliate's own letterhead, and submitted directly to the Designated Employer Representative at the Employer. Affiliates should send a copy of this report to the Aurora EAP, along with the Release of Information for the Supervisory EAP Assessment(s) and the invoice, within 30 days of the initial DOT Assessment.