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Your Aurora EAP contacts

Network Coordinator

The EAP Network Coordinator is the primary contact for all Affiliates, to answer questions on Aurora's general procedures or our paperwork. Call the EAP Network Coordinator at any time regarding contracting concerns or procedural questions. The EAP Network Coordinator also coordinates the credentialing of Affiliates, and must be contacted when new counselors in an Affiliate's office would like to become Affiliates.

Contact our Network Coordinator:

Phone: (920) 449-7722 or (888) 389-3299
Fax: (920) 449-7724

Intake Department

The Intake Department either connects the Client to the Affiliate's office or instructs the Client to call the Affiliate's office to schedule an EAP Assessment. The Intake Department then faxes the Intake Information page (containing Client information) to the Affiliates. Call the Intake Department if there is any question regarding the Client.

Contact our Intake Department at (414) 760-5401 or (800) 236-3231.

Account Executive

The Account Executive works directly with employers and coordinates EAP Supervisory Assessments. For EAP Supervisory Assessments, Affiliates must call the Account Executive immediately following the initial Supervisory EAP Assessment session.

Contact our Account Executives at (414) 760-5400 or (800) 511-4804.

Request a contact with an Account Executive.