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Service process – models of service

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Intake/authorization process

  • Clients must contact the Aurora EAP to utilize EAP Services. If appropriate, our Intake Department will schedule the client with an in-person EAP Assessment.
  • The Intake Department will either connect the client by phone to the Affiliate or will call to alert the Affiliate that the client will be contacting them to schedule an EAP Assessment.
  • If a client contacts an Affiliate's office directly, without first contacting Aurora EAP, Affiliates must refer the client back to Aurora EAP before seeing the client. There will be no guarantee of payment for sessions held without the approval of the Aurora EAP.
  • An Intake Information page, consisting of basic client information, will be faxed to the Affiliate after the client contacts Aurora EAP. This Intake Information page will serve as the authorization for services.