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Behavioral Change Coaching Modules

Behavioral Change Coaching provides structured sessions with education, handouts and homework so that employees have the best chance to improve their work performance. Our goal is to help employees retain their job and be successful in their work environment.

Behavioral Change Coaching was developed in response to our companies wanting more information about EAP services that employees receive as a result of a supervisory referral. Coaching provides a specific plan for dealing with common employee problems in 3 or more sessions.

Employee feedback is that Behavioral Change Coaching provides new and helpful information as well as giving them the tools they need in order to be more successful in relationships and on the job. Our EAP counselors have appreciated the structured, theory-based approach, in which they can use their therapeutic skills.

How Does Behavioral Change Coaching Work?

Each Behavioral Change Coaching module consists of a summary outline and handouts* for each session. The summary outline contains goals, interventions, screening tools and homework that are used to structure the session. Given the issues and presentation of the client, the EAP counselor uses their clinical judgment to determine the appropriateness of the outline and materials. Engaging the employee is of utmost importance and the EAP counselor can personalize the module by focusing on the specific interventions and handouts that best meet the employee?s needs. An assessment for concurrent mental health, substance abuse and psychosocial issues should always be done initially. Subsequent referrals to adjunctive services should be made whenever appropriate throughout the module sessions to insure appropriate clinical treatment.

Behavioral Change Coaching is recommended for specific supervisory referrals. It can also be used for voluntary employees who report similar concerns.

The current Behavioral Change Coaching modules are:

Each coaching module is designed for 3 EAP sessions. If the employee has extended EAP sessions available per their company contract, goals and interventions can be stretched throughout their sessions and discussed in more detail.

Consultation is available through your Aurora EAP Network Coordinator or the Manager, Clinical Services. We would welcome discussion on how best to use Behavioral Change Coaching and value your feedback as you use the materials. Your comments and ideas are used to improve our services. As always, we thank you for partnering with us to serve our EAP clients!

* Note that Behavioral Change Coaching outlines and handouts are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission. Permission extends to printing and using materials for Aurora EAP clients only.