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Short-term problem solving

Short-term problem resolution ("Short-Term") is an additional EAP service purchased by some employers, which includes a limited number of additional sessions (determined by the employer) beyond the EAP Assessment.

The purpose of Short-Term is to assist the client in solving a personal or work-related problem that may affect their productivity or general life satisfaction. It also may be used to motivate the client to follow-through with a referral for ongoing treatment.

The Affiliate's role in Short-Term is to provide clarification, education, support and motivation to the client. Short-Term differs from therapy in that it is a brief EAP Service, which may be all some clients need to resolve a concern.

This option allows the client to receive needed assistance without accessing their health benefits, when the problem appears to be short-term and can potentially be resolved within the identified number of sessions. The Intake Information page faxed to Affiliates will indicate whether this is available for the particular client and how many sessions may be available.

If the EAP Assessment indicates a need for mental health treatment rather than Short-Term, Affiliates should explain their rationale to the client, and refer the client directly to a provider covered by the client's health benefits. It is the Affiliate's responsibility to assist the client in accessing health benefits when a referral to mental health or substance abuse treatment is indicated.