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Supervisory assessment

Supervisors and/or human resources personnel of employers may refer employees to the Aurora EAP due to a problem in the workplace, such as job performance problems or a violation of employer policies (e.g. testing positive for drugs or alcohol). The employee may be required by their employer to comply with a Supervisory EAP Assessment as a part of the disciplinary process.

The Intake Department will identify the employee as a Supervisory EAP Assessment when calling the Affiliate. Affiliates will also be faxed the Intake Information page, along with 2 additional pages which contain details about the Employee:

  1. The Supervisory EAP Assessment Information page, and
  2. The Release of Information for Supervisory EAP Assessments.

It is the Affiliate's responsibility to complete a thorough Supervisory EAP Assessment and contact the Aurora EAP Account Executive immediately following this.

Affiliates will receive the following information in order to facilitate the Supervisory Referral: 2 additional pages will be faxed to Affiliates along with the Intake Information page (see samples in Appendix C):

  1. Supervisory EAP Assessment Information page, which contains details about job performance issues (indicating if the referral is formal or mandatory), and
  2. Release of Information for Supervisory EAP Assessments

It is critical that Affiliates have the Employee sign the faxed Release of Information for Supervisory EAP Assessments at the first appointment. This form, when signed by the employee, allows the Account Executive to communicate compliance to the employee's employer. Affiliates should inform the client that the Account Executive will not share any details of the content of the Supervisory EAP Assessment with the employer. The information shared with the employer is determined by the scope of the release. In the event that an employee refuses to sign the release, Affiliates should notify the Account Executive. The Account Executive may then only report that he/she has not been given a release authorizing disclosure of the employee's information to the employer.

Affiliates should look for the name of the Account Executive on the Intake Information page or Supervisory EAP Assessment Information page. It is very important that Affiliates make contact with the Account Executive immediately following the Supervisory EAP Assessment.

While Affiliates handle the employee aspect of our business, the Account Executives handle all of our employer communication. Please remember that the Account Executive is your contact person for all Supervisory EAP Assessments, and will make direct contact with the employer. Affiliates should have no contact with the employer.