Developing a worksite wellness program

Want to help your employees and your bottom line at the same time? Develop a worksite wellness program that includes physical activity and exercise.. and, if you're the boss, don't forget to sign up and participate.

When setting up a wellness program, you need to determine:

  • What are you trying to achieve, do you have specific goals? How will you determine success? What measures will you use to evaluate the program?
    • Percent of employee participation
    • Reduction in specific healthcare costs
    • Reduction in absenteeism
    • Increases in productivity
  • What is your baseline or benchmark? (i.e., current health status of employees)
  • What is your timetable?
  • What resources are available? (i.e., outsource the program development, dollars for incentives, contracting fitness instructors, etc.)
  • Who should be the architects of the program? Who should implement and track it? Be sure to include all staffing levels in your program development.
  • How will the program be promoted to the staff?
  • How will you keep it from becoming "boring" and just another flyer on the bulletin board?