Health-Link services

Health-Link will provide your employees a toll free number and access to health care professionals 24 hours a day to assist individuals in making the right health care choices.

We provide:

Disease management

A team of physicians and nurses has developed the Health-Link disease management program. Included in this program are sophisticated guidelines for 1-on-1 coaching between the RN and employee to reach their goals and improve their overall health, patient education and support, physician referral and reporting.

Candidates are identified through the health risk appraisal and health screenings done at the job site. A call will be made to those individuals who have health risks. A care plan is developed with the individual to help them learn to reduce their risks. After the care plan is developed, subsequent calls will be scheduled between the RN coach and the employee to assess progress, answer questions and provide support.

If the Health-Link nurse finds that an individual requires more help than can be provided over the telephone or is high-risk, a referral to their primary care provider is made right away. A referral is also made to Aurora's community-based case management program.

All activities within the disease management program help the individual to reach their goals, reduce their risk and maximize their overall health.

"In a typical group, 10% of the workers with serious chronic conditions may account for 70% of a company's health costs."
Joseph Marlow, AON Consulting, Chicago, 3-22-02

Symptom assessment (triage)

Health-Link nurses will assess the symptoms of the caller or their family member and match the symptoms with the appropriate level of care. Nurses may recommend emergency or urgent care services, contacting their physician or staying at home and caring for themselves. A follow-up call is offered to all callers who had a head injury and receive self-care advice to learn if the caller's symptoms have improved. If no improvement has occurred, the nurse will again provide the individual with direction.

By advising employees and their families on the level of care that is appropriate, employers can expect a reduction of emergency room visits.

"An estimated 58% of all emergency department visits are unnecessary and 75% of all pediatric ED patients could have been seen in a less-acute setting."
Solucient Study, July, 2002

Preventive health & information

Our nurses can provide information on topics like healthy eating guidelines, good sleeping habits, stress management tips as well as ways to be a healthy athlete. Additionally, our nurses will provide general guidelines on preventive health, recommended age and gender specific diagnostic tests, and cholesterol and other health screenings.

Frequently, questions regarding medications surface. Nurses can answer questions about drug reactions, the side effects of certain medications or what to do if a dose is missed.

These services will increase the number of individuals seeking preventive services, resulting in improvement in their overall health.

If desired, Aurora Health-Link nurses are also available for on-site education and wellness information to maximize utilization and improve overall health of the employees of and their families.

Physician referral

For employees seeking a primary care physician or specialist referral, Health-Link can help. Referral options are provided based on the employee's preferences regarding years in practice, gender, board certification and location. In most cases, the scheduling of an appointment can be completed at the same time.

Through this service, employees and their families will have increased physician satisfaction, which, in turn will foster a positive environment for ongoing care and direction on appropriate preventive care.

Complementary health care services

The Call Center staff utilizes a database of service locations to refer employees for their care and the care of their families. The database includes senior care facilities, visiting nurse organizations, urgent care sites, pharmacies, walk-in clinics, as well as chiropractic, massage, lab and mammogram locations.

Health risk appraisals

Aurora's Total Health team administers our health risk appraisal. The results are sent to the participants and their physicians (upon approval) and an aggregate summary report is available to the employer.

The nurses at Health-Link review the individual results, then segment the employee population by risk. Within each risk category, they:

  • stratify individuals for interventions
  • provide outbound call support to assess current health status
  • answer questions regarding results
  • provide disease specific education or general wellness and prevention guidelines
  • offer counseling/guidance to help achieve individual health goals

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