What is Health-Link?

The rising cost of health care is eroding profit margins. Many employers are shifting more of the cost to employees, while also assessing the overall health and wellness of their workforce and focusing on prevention.

Aurora Health Care has developed Health-Link to help employers improve the health of their employees.

Health-Link is a collection of RNs and representatives who work together to offer a combination of health services to employers. The goal is to provide the support, coaching and guidance to your employees who want to improve and maintain their health.

Health-Link was developed with 2 things in mind:

  • Employers want to understand how individual behaviors impact their claims costs, lost productivity, increased absences, and lowered employee satisfaction and retention, and how to lower those costs effectively
  • Employees must take responsibility for their own health and work together with their employer to set goals toward improved health and overall wellness

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Our services

Qualified health care professionals

Aurora Teleservices has been in operation since 1997. Our registered nurses, with an average of 19 years of nursing experience, have backgrounds in:

  • cardiac care
  • diabetic care
  • emergency room medicine
  • intensive care
  • medical/surgical
  • neurology
  • orthopedics
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatric care

Our representatives have an average of 14 years of experience in hospital and clinic settings. This staff is very knowledgeable about hospital services, types of physicians and their specialties, and services/programs available throughout Aurora.

Health-Link services are available 24 hours a day.

Where to start

Health-Link staff will hold a preliminary meeting with you and key members of your staff to review the program, listen to your goals and objectives and create a program that meets your needs.

The first step is to assess overall health of each of your employees through a health risk assessment and screenings. It's in this stage that we categorize your employees as low-, moderate- or high-risk.

Those that are high-risk are contacted right away and referred to their primary care physician for a more comprehensive medical assessment. Community-based care management is available. This is a more intensive 1-on-1 medical review with high-risk employees.

Those employees that fall into the low- and moderate-risk categories will receive these services:

  • Introductory letter welcoming them to the Health-Link program
  • Program materials at the health screening and assessment kickoff
  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions via telephone with an RN to address and achieve goals related to improving health and reducing risk
  • Part of that call is the development of a 12-month care plan (only those that are interested and ready to make a change are contacted regularly)
  • Physician referral, if needed, including appointment scheduling
  • Immediate 24/7 access to a RN to discuss any symptoms before going to the ER or urgent care
  • Health information available 24/7 on health topics, conditions, programs or services available throughout Aurora

Program promotion

We help you launch the program with your employees:

  • Preliminary meetings with employer
  • Kick off meetings with your employee work teams
  • Table displays and posters
  • Articles submitted for your newsletter or intranet
  • On-site presentations and educational workshops offered by Health-Link employees
  • Reporting and ongoing planning, consultation and communication

Quarterly reporting

You get aggregate data each quarter describing results of the program.

  • Overall health improvement of employees who participated compared to those who did not
  • Percentage of eligible employees who participated
  • Percentage of participants moved from contemplation stage to action stage & improved their health
  • Percentage of participants who reached their goal
  • Percentage of those intending to go to the ER but who were redirected or were able to stay home and care for themselves
  • Percentage of employees who called for a physician referral and scheduled an appointment

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